About us

At CYLO, the drive and passion for self creation and innovation helped us realize the opportunities available for building brands and products that maintain the highest level of design and ingenuity along with the perfect blend of technology and style.

CYLO = Integrity
The CYLO brand is all about Product integrity, and the capacity for us to create it provides a sustainable competitive advantage that cannot be easily matched. Product integrity is what differentiates a successful company from those not so fortunate in turbulent, intensely competitive markets.
We value Internal integrity:
Our primary core value is the consistency between a product's function and its structure. This means that parts fit well, the components matching and working well together and that the layout maximizes use of the available space. This requires cross-functional coordination between the company and its suppliers.
We also value and focus on External integrity:
This refers to the consistency of a product's performance and the customers’ expectations. This is one of the most underexploited areas for opportunity.
At CYLO- we integrate customers into its development process. Organizing development requires the solutions to two basic problems. First, design, build and test the product parts and subsystems so that every element achieves a high level of performance. Second, achieve product integrity.
CYLO is all about the experience- we believe the customer consumes the product experience, not necessarily the physical product itself. Developing this experience begins with the creation of a product concept. Strong product concepts also include “market imagination”; matching what the customers say they want with what the product creators imagine the customers will want in the future.
CYLO achieves differentiation by providing unique high-quality products, with assured durability and innovation.  Our innovation not only allows us to be a cost leader but our differentiation strategy puts us at the forefront of design & development where the customer will happily pay a premium for those products.
CYLO is redefining the way products are designed and manufactured, staying on top of fashion and trend that translates to unique innovation.   
Our team of designers and engineers is continually improving product design that utilizes advancements in the market and pushes the boundaries of everyday design.